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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Motormobile…the Motorcycle for the average person?

I caught this story on digg and had to share it with everyone. I know this will interest at least one ready of my blog…

I almost wish I could live in Europe at least for the fact that they get all the cool-looking environmentally safe cars well before the US does (if we ever do). I remember seeing the Da Vinci Code last year, and thinking to myself “You know, I bet even your worthless butt could parallel park a Smart Car.” I thought they were a pretty good idea…but they didn’t seem to offer enough power or for that fact ability to travel long enough distances to make it worth it. Still…the idea of a smaller vehicle which would run on some sort of hybrid motor which is more efficient without the loss of significant power or range would be a great idea…

Enter: the VentureOne.

No, it’s not the Venture Brothers’ new vehicle for Season 3, it’s a new take on the Reliant Robin crossing a smaller automobile with new technology enabling the 3-wheeled vehicle to turn like a motorcycle. The vehicle can house up two people. It goes 0 – 60 mph in 6 seconds. It uses a hybrid motor that runs on gas, but that engine is constantly recharging a battery. As such, the vehicle gets 100 miles on 1 gallon of gas. It’s a big enough vehicle to still be safe but, at 11 foot long and thinner than a Mini Cooper, you can actually drive two VentureOnes side by side on a one-lane road.

In the article, they point out that this vehicle is far more like a motorcycle, but with amenities like that of a car. It’s entirely enclosed, it offers heat and air conditioning, a stereo, etc.

Being that the vehicle crosses both, I could easily see this turning into the new BMW or Mercedes for those corporate people who still want to maintain their “edge” or “bad-boy image.” If made safe enough to pass safety standards in the US, this vehicle would make an impact. Imagine being able to travel between lanes of cars, like motorcycles do now in Cali, during a traffic jam. With a top speed of 100mph, I’m sure you could modify one of these to be a new type of highly efficient police vehicle as well. Heck, modify it enough, and you’d have a whole brand new type of auto racing for all of America to enjoy.

Personally, I could see it as our bridge vehicle to the future. I’m sure all the Al Gore’s of the world would love the possible positive affects on the environment. This could make a significant impact on our use of fossil fuels to power our everyday vehicles. I wonder if you could make the VentureOne off of ethanol or some other alternative fuel?

Best of all? It looks damn cool. I want one. What do you think? Let me know in comments!

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Anonymous said...

Actually from what I read about it, it is a flex-fuel engine so it can run off of Ethanol.