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Monday, February 19, 2007

Music & Lyrics

Perhaps a Careless Whisper to a Wham! reunion?

I’m not quite sure what I expected going into this movie innocently titled Music & Lyrics. I know the reason I suggested we go to it. It was Valentine’s Day. I had already given her the V-day gifts the previous weekend. Friday, was the opening of Ghost Rider and I had already made it clear we were going to that, even though I knew she knew nothing about the character and could care less. That was why I suggested we go see something romantic which I figured she would like. What I found, upon sitting through the 1 hour and 50 minute joyride was a movie that oozed innocence while at the same time poking fun at that wonderful time period we all love (the 80’s music scene). The movie never takes itself too seriously, never pretending that it’ll be an Oscar caliber film. It does however have decent comedic timing between the leads, and an almost mockumentary type setting dealing with a former 80’s music star trying to get his career back on track after years of coasting on previous glory.

For those who don’t know, this movie stars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, a former member of the 80’s band Pop! The beginning of the film shows the history of the band, including its inevitable break-up with Colin Thompson, the “George Michael” figure, going his own way selling millions and millions of records, leaving our dashing lead in the dust. We come up on Mr. Fletcher years later, still doing minor gigs such as Six Flags, and High School reunions performing the same songs he was 20 years ago. Singing the same tunes, still doing the same exact hilarious dance moves, still playing to the crowd in the exact same way. In other words, his star has far past faded. His career is almost out, but he receives a chance in the form of Cora Corman (a nice amalgam of Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera blended with Shakira). Cora wants a new song on her next album with a former 80’s star. Fletcher has 3 days to write this song and get back to her. If she likes it better than all the other entries, he’ll get to perform it with her at her concert, and record it with her on her next CD guaranteeing stardom for another couple of years. So, Fletcher starts trying to write. He meets Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), he convinces her to be his lyricist after he finds out she has a natural affinity for it, and the movie is off. Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy writes girl a meaningful song to get girl back, etc. etc. The movie’s good. Trust me. Take a girl to go see it.

Hugh Grant shines. He gets to deliver more great one-liners in this movie than he has in the last 6 years combined. Seriously, I’d like to know who he paid off to allow him to literally have all the snappy comeback lines. I’d like them to write for me on a daily basis. That is, if I could have a bunch of Jewish Comedy writers following me around texting me everything to say as I go through my life. Still…Hugh is great. The lines are good, funny, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.

The movie means a lot more if you can identify with the source material. If you loved 80’s music, you’ll love this movie. Seriously. I feel like this movie was written by Andrew Ridgeley, that this is really how he’s hoping his life will turn out. The movie group Pop! even formed the same way Wham! formed originally. Alex and Colin met at school, discovered they had similar tastes and formed the group, much like Andrew and George Michael. They have songs that sound very similar to Wham songs, and one that sounds very very similar to Careless Whisper (arguably the greatest 80’s Pop Slow-dance song ever recorded). The most logical next step from this movie’s success would be a Wham reunion tour (come on folks, let’s make it happen)! I mean…if the Who, the Police, and Van Halen can reunite and tour…then so can Wham!

Anyway, the movie Music & Lyrics gets 3 out of 5 stars…4 out of 5 if you take a girl to it or love those fabulous 80's. ^_^

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