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Friday, April 27, 2007

Dan Majerle's Remarkable Shots - FULL VIDEO YouTube and No Edits. Amazing.

Thunder Dan Majerle is just remarkable. No edits. No cuts. Before the Suns Lakers game. MUST WATCH.

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Continuing the basketball theme of this week…I heard about this and had to seek it out. Kudos to barrett90 from YouTube to loading it up from PTI (which I can’t watch anymore, but I listen to the podcast every morning!). Those of you who don’t know, Dan Majerle was a college basketball star for CMU from Traverse City, MI, and played his best ball with the Phoenix Suns (back when they had Barkley and challenged Jordan’s Bulls in the playoffs), and Miami Heat. Here he shows he’s still got it with some half court shots, in his suit no less, before a game. Awesome. Back in the day, I didn’t want to be like Mike, I wanted to be like Dan…all tan and with a hot wife. Can you imagine how great “Thunder” Dan would be now-a-days with the new rules?


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