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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top Ten Things that are worth paying more attention to than Imus and his f*ckup.


Anyone sick of that name yet? Talk about over-exposure. Much has been made of Imus’ comments on his radio show about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team. First, they suspended Imus for two weeks without pay. Then, companies are pulling their commercial dollars and running for the hills. Now, MSNBC is canceling the simulcast of his radio show. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton continue to attack him.

Much has been written not necessarily defending Imus, but not vilifying him either. My personal fav is Michelle Malkin’s Imus vs. Billboard Hot Rap Tracks Chart. It brings up some good points on the double standard that’s currently killing Imus. Then there’s this point of view at Politopics and this one from Earl Ofari Hutchinson. These all bring up good points.

Here’s 3 things I think (if you don’t care, just scroll down to the Top Ten^_^)

I think everyone in this country is in some way shape and form, whether they want to be or not, racist. At least a little bit. Once everyone excepts that, this world will be a better place. Call it the Avenue Q Social Theory. I’m not saying everyone out there is a bigot. I’m just saying, all people think things that can be construed as racist, and all people, at one time or another, have said something that could be construed as racist, even if meant as a joke. Imus probably falls into this category…he’s just got more people listening to him, so he’s naturally a bigger target.

I think that the best way this could have been handled, is how you handle bad kids in elementary school…just ignore him. Until Imus had his show pulled from MSNBC, I thought for sure he was going to come out of this better than before he went in. So much free exposure…for something supposedly negative. Exposure…and people like Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, usually go hand in hand. The best way for the Rutgers girls to handle it would be to rise above it…treat it as noise, or a bad joke gone horribly wrong. Unfortunately, the media won’t let it die, which shows they’re not trying to really punish him…

Finally, on a more comedic side of things (I could see South Park running with something like this), if advertisers like Staples and Bigelow Tea aren’t putting their advertising dollars into the show anymore, Imus should go out and find the same people who advertise with any of the rappers on the songs pointed out by Michelle Malkin. He could create a whole different radio career as a Bullworth type character.

Anyway, in the spirit of rising above and not treating this as anything news worthy…here are tens things more worthy of paying attention to than Imus’ F*ckup:

10: Ask A Ninja
They know all.

9: The first picture of the initial Iron Man suit from the upcoming movie.
It looks cool, I trust Favreau on this one. We’re living in some sort of Golden Age for comic movies…enjoy it!

8: The final week of the NBA regular season, and the start of the Playoffs.
The West is crazy, and the Pistons will have fun tearing up the East.

7: Reality TV or…Anna Nicole’s new movie (God rest her soul, it’s what she would have wanted.)

6: Hot Fuzz.

5: The Dresden Files. It’s a good show.

4: Ninja Warrior on G4.
Have you watched this show? Crazy crazy people competing, showing off their insane hand strength. Plus, the commentary is MXC funny.

3: Spider-man 3
It’s gonna rule!

2: The Stanley Cup Playoffs
The first night provided the following:
Sid the Kid’s first Playoff Goal.
A win for the Sharks in the 2nd Overtime.
And a Canucks win in the 4th Overtime. It’s only going to get better.

1: Chicks dude…Chicks.

Other such notables: foot fungus, watching paint dry or water boil, WHO’S WANTS A BODY MASSAGE, and finally Professional Wrestling.

Got anymore? Leave em in the comments!

Update: IMUS was FIRED yesterday. What a sad sad day for all involved that it came to that.

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