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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dr. Phil Suggests Video Games to Blame for Virginia Tech Shootings

On the heels of Jack Thompson’s rush to blame video games in the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, Dr. Phil has chimed in with support for this theory. Do we always have to point this at video games? It's time to think about parenthood as a problem, no?

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Those are words I now associate with one Dr. Phil. Before, I just had him pegged as a blowhard. Now he’s pulling a Sharpton and jumping a saddening disaster to gain himself a little publicity just like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson did with Imus.

The Virginia Tech shooting, obviously, is a extreme situation. Dr. Phil though is jumping to this extreme conclusion that video games and mass media (movies, etc) are to blame. I’m sorry, but no. No No No. I’m sure lots of things contributed to this kid thinking that shooting up his dorm and another building was the only way he could express himself. Obviously something was wrong and probably had been for a long time. From the ABC news article, this wasn’t just something that popped up, it had been building for a while. Regardless, I’m sure him playing videogames or seeing a violent movie had little to do with his conscious decision to destroy the lives of his victims, and his victims’ friends and families. I truly doubt there is anyway anyone could have seen this coming from this kid, even if there are those who thought he was disturbed.

An interesting point I’d like to bring up, from Pardon the Interruption of all places, is that this kid put his hands on the guns so easily. Granted, these killings could just as easily been done with a straight up hunting rifle, but the fact that this 23 year old kid went out in the last month and purchased a Glock 9mm and a Walther .22 says something. It’s just too easy. I know the NRA rants up and down about their right to bear arms, or arm bears (thanks Robin Williams), but it’d be a heckuva lot harder for this kid to go on this type of rampage if he had to wait 6 months for each of those guns, or if he had to try this with a knife, or a bat, just not a gun.

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